Classic Rock Florida SHE

‘SHE’  The Radio Station here in Florida Adds an entire new lineup in the broadcast.

Album Rock  has been the new focus here at SHE studios.

Deep Cuts of classic rock music that you Never-Knew-Existed!

Perhaps you’ve forgotten, or maybe never let your ears travel outside of the Mainstream Flash-in-the-Pan broadcast over the last 40 years.

Florida host’s  ‘SHE’  WSHE Miami/Ft. Lauderdale to its Classic Rock Genre of music streaming Live in High-Def  directly to your computer/mobile device.

Many and Most of The SHE Disc Jockeys from the old days have moved-on to other professions since WSHE sold out in 1996.

Names you may recall like;  Sonny Fox, Skip Herman, Gary Martin, Jim Mcbean, Ron Hersey and others are NO Longer apart of  ‘SHE’ 


Currently, we have managed to retain a couple of our most Seasoned-Senior dee-jays from the 1960s, Back when The  ‘Van Patrick’ ownership of WSHE & WSRF dominated South Florida radio audience.

Shes Only Rock’n Roll Window Sticker
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 This would include Crates & Crates of Albums, Singles, Tapes and Carts.

WSHE Studio Production Room Hollywood Fla
Using a Reel-To-Reel Deck
WSHE Production Room Hollywood Timmy Tanner

… When was the last time you saw a Reel-To-Reel Deck in a Radio Station?

We Have Loads of Fun With You All, Hanging Out in The Studio, Broadcasting ON-AIR and Conversing With All of You!

We commonly hear from former SHE Disc Jocks from back-in-the-day, and always adds a Smile to our day!

 We are obligated to inform Everyone Pertaining to a Counterfeit Online Presence using the   name    ‘SHE’ & ‘RADIO’   attempting to mislead you, confuse or red-direct your attention.       

(please beware)


Classic Rock Florida

Florida’s Radio Station  ‘SHE‘  Has Branded a New Nickname as 

‘Classic Rock Florida Radio’

Classic Rock Florida

Classic Rock Florida Radio  plays album rock and Yes;  Deep Cuts of Prime Tracks from the 1960s, 1970s,  1980s and we have Not forgotten the 1990s !

Internet Radio Classic Rock Florida has become South Florida’s main source for Classic Rock Radio, Album Rock Radio, Miami’s Home for Rock and Roll..

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The Late Jim Yelton WSHE Audio Engineer and Great Friends

‘SHE’  was Re-Launched  back in 2001.  Jim has been beside ‘SHE’  almost every step of the way..

God Bless You Jim  aka  ‘Y-GUY’  Rest in Peace Friend



Lets talk about the 80s for a moment, Think Back and remember the many events that transpired with Music, Pop Culture, National and Global Events.


If you really look back and invest a quick thought in the beginning of the 80’s ..
We were growing up in an era unfolding with many memorable milestones.

  • Economy Was in Good Condition
  • Cable TV Was Introduced to Most of South Fla 1980-81
  • MTV Launched in 81 April 1st / Yet Nobody Knew What That Channel
    Actually Was For Like a Year.
  • Music Made a Huge Change, Punk, New Wave Was Huge,Classic Rock Seemed To Get Left Behind
  • The Valley Girl Trend Was Popular For Many Years
  • Low Budget 80’s Movies on Cable TV
  • 80’s Brat Pack Bunch Getting Their Start in Low Budget Movies
  • Trending Foods / Potato Skins-Buffalo Wings /Fondue /Fajitas
  • One of the First Home Computer’s was a WANG  lol..
  • Space Shuttle Tragic Crash In Flight
  • Berlin Wall Came Down
  • Drinking & Driving Was Not Really Enforced as it is Today
  • Miami & South Florida Was Not Infested With Third-World Immigrants
  • Drinking Age Changed From 18 to 21
  • TV Shows Went Off Air at Midnite
  • M.A.S.H. Signs Off
  • Home Answering Machines Become Popular
  • Dukes of Hazard & The General Lee Confederate ’69 Charger
  • Did Anyone Ever Find Out Whom Really Shot JR ?

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